How much does is cost?
Anti Wrinkle treatments are $17 per unit, the number of units you require all depends on the area being treated, how movement you have and how much you would like to reduce it. Dermal Filler also ranges in price as different areas require different products to provide a unique look. Our Dermal Fillers range from $600-$800 per ml. Consultations are free!
Do I have to have a consultation before having a treatment?

Yes, all clients need to have a thorough consultation to make sure they are suitable for the treatment. Most clients are able to have the treatment on the same day straight after the consultation.

Does it hurt?
Most clients find Anti Wrinkle treatments almost pain free, the needles we use are tiny! You can just feel a slight stinging sensation as the product is going in. Dermal Filler can be a little more painful in certain areas, although we have one of the best topical numbing creams which we can apply. There is also an anaesthetic in the Filler so you will continue to numb as we inject.
How long does it last?
Anti Wrinkle treatments typically last 3-6 months. Dermal Filler varies as it depends on the product we use and the area we are treating. It can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years!
What happens if I stop getting Anti Wrinkle treatments or Dermal Filler?

Nothing, the product will naturally wear off and you will look as you did before your treatment in no time.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! we have Genoapay payment plans available where you can pay your treatment off interest free over 10 weeks. Head to their website to create an account and check your eligibility.

How do I make an appointment?
Email us at hello@boinjectables.co.nz for bookings or enquires. Alternatively you can click “book” and this will take you to our online booking system.