Dermal Filler

At Bo Injectables we love keeping things natural. Dermal Fillers can be used to plump out your lines/wrinkles or to improve facial structures. We like to focus on lips, cheeks, chin, and jawline. All of the Dermal Fillers we use are semi permanent and are Hyaluronic Acid based.


30 – 60mins



Varies, however we do use the best topical anaesthetic additionally, there is an anaesthetic in the product.



2 – 14 days



$600 – $800 per ml (depending on product / area)

How it works

Dermal Fillers are made up of Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is actually a substance which naturally occurs in the skin and is responsible for keeping your skin hydrated. Not only do Dermal Fillers help to hydrate the skin, they also help to replace volume loss and stimulate cell renewal within the skin. This makes the treatment super anti ageing.

Dermal Fillers are metabolised and broken down by your body over time.

Therefore, the speed of your metabolism will have an impact as to how long your results last. The manufacturers give us an idea how long each product typically lasts, results do vary from person to person.


With Dermal Filler results can be seen straight away. Optimal results are seen two to six weeks after treatment. Your body will slowly break down the product and results will naturally wear off. If you decide Filler is for you then regular treatments can help to maintain and prolong results.

Pre Treatment

Prior to your treatment one of our bo nurses will complete a full consultation with you to ensure your suitability for the desired treatment area. At the consultation, they will be able to answer any questions or concerns, tailor a treatment plan and talk you through the process. We recommend that during your consultation you address all of your concerns directly with your bo nurse. Dermal Fillers can be a journey, we like to slowly build up the product allowing for subtle and gradual changes.

To reduce the likelihood of bruising we recommend avoiding blood thinning medications one week prior to your appointment, such as: aspirin, ibuprofen and fish oils (consult your medical practitioner first).

Before your appointment please let the bo team know if you…

  • Have an auto immune disorder.
  • Are on any antibiotics.
  • Have a severe metabolic or systemic disorder.
  • Are regularly taking anticoagulant
  • Currently have an active infection at the treatment site.
  • Pregnant, breastfeeding or planning on becoming pregnant.
  • Have any dental work coming up in the next three weeks.
  • Have any long haul flights in the next three weeks.
  • Are allergic to bee stings.
  • Have any medical conditions.
  • Have any allergies.
What to expect at your appointment

Once we have decided on the treatment area, we then decide on the appropriate filler to give you the desired results. We apply a topical anaesthetic (if needed), mark up the injection site and then we start injecting. You may feel some initial discomfort, however there is also an anaesthetic inside the product so you will continue to numb as we inject.

Post treatment

After your appointment the area can be red and tender for up to 48 hours. Swelling and bruising is common and sometimes can take up to a week to resolve, for some clients antihistamines are recommended to help this (consult your doctor first). The treated area can experience mild to moderate pain which will continue to improve over the next two to five days. Lumps are also normal, it can take up two six weeks for the product to blend into the tissue.

For the first 24 hours after, gentle cleansing and your normal skincare routine is fine, but we recommend you avoid oil based products, AHAs, retinol, and vitamin C.

Side effects and complications

Severe complications from Dermal Fillers are rare. This depends on the specific filler being used, the area being treated and the substance in the filler. Dermal Filler complications include the following.

  • Bruising, bleeding and swelling over the injection site.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Acne-like skin eruptions.
  • Damage to the skin which may result in a wound and possible scarring.
  • Infection at the injection site.
  • Lumps.
  • Palpability of the product under the skin.
  • Blindness.
  • Skin redness and warmth at the injection site.
  • Skin rash with itching.
  • Skin necrosis (this is due to a disruption in the blood flow to an area on the skin).
  • Over or under treating an area.

The bo team are highly educated and trained to deal with complications if they were to arise. If you think you are experiencing a complication please get in touch with the team as soon as possible. Sever pain when touching the area, throbbing, blanching (whitening) around the area and grazes on the skin can be signs of a possible complication. Please contact the bo. team immediately if you have any concerns. Do not delay contact even if it has been a while since your treatment.